Runner – Dear Younger Me

A letter to the younger me…

You can’t listen to this song and not wonder what you would tell yourself if you could write a letter to the younger you.

brian mckean

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Dear Younger Brian,

You are valued and important in the world.  If someone does not have the time for you, no matter who that person is…it’s their loss.  You are worthy, you are good, you are special and you will be someone special in the world.

Invest in people and relationships, not things.

The thing that seems most important in the moment, will hardly matter in the course of your life.

“I can” comes very shortly after “I can’t”….just keep digging, moving forward and working hard.

Believe in yourself.  No one has enough power over you or your life to say you can’t.

Life was not meant to be lived alone.  Love large.

Not every battle has to be won by nuclear war.

Set your course and do not sell out to the world.

Treat the world fairly and people will treat you fairly.

With love and respect,
The older you.

13900072_1298080476869772_8235949979389878068_n(52 does not feel too bad….)

What would you tell the younger you?




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