RunGoo by Foot Kinetics – Ultra Marathon Blister Prevention

Before my life as a Marathon and Ultra-Marathon runner I had pretty man feet.

After 14,000 miles and 24 races at the marathon distances or longer, they can no longer be considered pretty.  After a few years of trying everything, I think I found a cure for the blister issues I’ve been having.  (Warning ugly feet picture.)

the beast(The Beast from 2013 took me out at 71.5 miles….with hours left to go)

In the past I’ve had to cut a few 24 Hour Runs short because of blister issues.  After trying every cure-all I think I have finally found the one that works for me.  Foot Kinetics RunGoo.  I’ve used this blister prevention product on training runs of over 20 miles and ran the Windermere Marathon with zero blister issue or hot spots.  I feel confident that this special blend is the right stuff.


From their web site, Why it works:  The simple answer is that our barrier creams stick around much longer than any other blister prevention or anti-chafe product on the market.  They contain a high percentage of specialty hard waxes.  These waxes are blended into the emulsion and make it persistent….make it stick around all day to provide a protective layer that reduces rubbing, friction, calluses and blisters. 

RG_5oz_700_FW (1)

During my test drives I felt no friction between my feet and socks.  After some long hot miles, when some moisture did begin to show up, my feet had no issues.  If you have been plagued by blister I highly recommend you give RunGoo a try.  They also have special blends for Hiking, HikeGoo, Walking, WalkGoo and to make your feet feel silky smooth SilkStep.

RunGoo is easy to apply with the manufactures applicator built right into the cap.  This feature allows you to get the proper amount on your feet without getting your hands all messy right before a long run.

You can check out their web site at: Foot Kinetics
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