Run 15000 Miles Ultra Marathon Runner

UPDATE: I’ve reached 18,000 MILES

While on a remote tour to Thule Greenland, August 2nd of 2000, I started running with a simple 2 mile run on a treadmill.  I was out of shape, 30 pounds overweight and simply feeling bad about myself.  I got on a treadmill with no expectations, I just wanted to lose a few pounds and get in reasonable shape.  I never would have guessed where those first labored steps, those first few out of breath miles would take me.


15.  I lost 30 pounds and for the most part I have kept it off for 15 years.  I did gain a few pounds back here and there but as of today I’m 30 pounds lighter.

14.  I got in shape…from that first two mile run I now run ultra marathon distances (greater then 26.2 miles).

13.  I’ve met and become part of a great and supportive running community.

12.  I ran a marathon (13 to date) and become a Marathon Maniac, ran two marathons within 14 days.

11.  I began this running blog.

10.  I ran a race on top of the world and the middle eastern desert.


9.   I’ve run two 100 mile races, both under 24 hours.

8.  I’ve run and raised over $5000 for charity.

7.  Captained a team which won a 24 Hour Race (most combined miles). #Run4Life

6.  Ran a 200 mile relay with 6 good friends.

5.  Ran the Air Force Marathon, and Marine Corp Marathon.

4.  Ran sub 4 hour marathon in Niagara Falls, USA and Canada.

3.  Changed my outlook on life.

2.  Had a running feature which I wrote published.

1.  Found the “ME” I never knew I could be.

I only highlight these to show you that if I can change my world by simply running, YOU can too.

My New Long Term Goal…25,000 miles before I turn 55.

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