Product Review – the Running Buddy – Graveyard 100 – Long Run – Marathon

One of the problems of going on a long run in today’s high tech world is…how do you carry all the gadgets?  How do you carry your ID, keys and smart phone?

I love the all the technological advancements in today’s smart phones but they are getting larger and I’m running out of ways to carry them.  They no longer fit in my water bottle pouch, I dislike having an arm band, and I’m not wearing a fanny pack.  I thought the battle was lost…and then

The Running Buddy came into my life.


The revolutionary Buddy Pouch™ is a lightweight, belt and chafe-free magnetic pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket.  Made with dri-fit and water-resistant fabrics, the Buddy Pouch keeps all your essentials secure, sweat-free and dry.

Trust me it works.  I recently ran the Graveyard 100 (a 100 mile endurance race run down the Outer Banks of North Carolina) and the Buddy Pouch worked perfectly.  The pouch held my Droid MAXX secure, no bounce, no chaff, and sweat free for 100.5 miles over 23 hours.  More important to all that is the Buddy Pouch provided me some peace of mind knowing that on the darkest, loneliest and most isolated part of Highway 12 I had my phone with me “just in case.”


You can read about my solo run at the Graveyard 100 here.

I’ll be honest there were times that I forgot I had the pouch on me.  The fit and ride on my waist were nonintrusive.  Once in position it fit and functioned perfectly.

I highly recommend this product to all runners, and anyone who wants to carry their phones while they exercise, are out on adventures and anywhere you need to have items available but want to be hands free.  The second pouch compartment is perfect for keys, medicine, identification, maps or a few extra bucks for an ice cream.  At the end of the race when I was presented my SOLO 100 mile buckle I slide it in my Running Buddy Pouch for safe keeping.


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