Product Review – Running On The Wall – Running awards, Medal Holders, Bib Holders Etc.

Not too many things in life FAR exceed your expectations.

I was selected to review some products for Running On The Wall.  They manufacture and sell running awards, bib holders, medal holders, T-shirts and just about anything a runner could want.

I was supplied with their Inspirational Running Medals Display and loved it from the moment I opened the box.  After opening the box and unpacking it, I laid the medal holder on the kitchen counter.  When my wife saw it she stepped back and said “WOW, that is awesome.”

Out of the box, the finish is bright and attention grabbing.  The medal holder comes with everything you need to display all your race medals in a professional way.  Presently I hang all my medals on a standing light fixture, and with over 25 medals it really looks like a hodge podge.  On my display you can’t make out or clearly see any of them.  The Medal Holder by Running On The Wall will allow me to display between nine and 18 medals clearly and proudly.  And truth be told by varying the lengths of your medal ribbons you could double up on the presentations, but that is up to each user.  This is really a quality item.


I found the fit and finish of this product outstanding.  The quality of materials used is top notch and very thing about the product was above my expectations.  Each Medal Holder comes with an installation and hanging kit.  It took me about 5 minutes to screw the supplied hooks in place, if you have a strong grip this can be done by hand or a small pair of pliers will do just fine.  Word of caution you’ll want to protect the finish of your hooks if you use pliers with a course jaw.


Hanging the medal holder is an easy as hanging a picture frame.  Then sit back, garb a snack and enjoy the view of your professionally displayed race medals.  You’ve put in the training miles, you paid the price in time and you battled during the race.  Now order yourself or your favorite runner the perfect display to highlight all your accomplishments.  I highly recommend any product from Running On The Wall.

I will be giving away a Medal Display Holder to one lucky visitor.  Enter Today.
(overseas winner, would be responsible for shipping)


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17 thoughts on “Product Review – Running On The Wall – Running awards, Medal Holders, Bib Holders Etc.

  1. stacey

    I have a ton of medals I’ve been keeping in my glove compartment because I have no where to display them! This would be amazing!!! Epic giveaway!!!

  2. Mark Posey

    Most of the races I have run over the past 40 years did not award finisher’s medals. I have a few from recent marathons and half marathons and would like to have a nice display for them.

    1. Brian Burk

      Thanks for the post Mark. My favorite award from a race is a rock from Medoc mountain meltdown 50k. But this display is pretty cool.


  3. Nancy Pinto

    Hi I am Nancy. Pinto. I live in Mumbai, India. I want to buy one medal display stand..which is written..My grace is sufficient for you. How much it cost. How to pay. Please reply. Thanks.


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