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Opedix Kinetic Health Gear is scientifically engineered apparel that prevents injury, assists rehabilitation, and greatly improves performance.

I was asked to test drive a pair of OPEDIX’s latest performance tights, the DUAL-Tec 2.0/3/4 length.


Coming off pacing a friend through the last 50 miles of the Umstead 100, their arrival could not have been better planned. After a tough finish at Umstead my legs were shot, what should have taken 12 hours lasted long into the night nearly 16 hours to go 50 miles.  My legs were toast. To make matters worse, I did not have time for a long recovery, I needed to get back on the road again.


Out of the box the fit and comfort of OPEDIX apparel is top notch.  They are well made, fit tight but not restrictive and instantly made my legs feel much better.

On the road the performance nature of the product was noticeable from the first step. After a long tough runs my legs are sore, and it’s tough to get back into the running motion.  I’ve notice most of the discomfort (for me) comes from the vibration of the running motion.  The Dual-Tec tights cut down on the vibration, nearly eliminating it and reducing post long run/hard race pain to near zero. Other than feeling a little flat (energy levels) my legs felt good during that recovery run just 2 days post Umstead. I look forward to many more long runs and recovery time in my OPDEIX gear.

If your looking for a product to aid in recovery, improve performance or one designed to help you over come injury, getting you back to doing things that you love, check out OPEDIX’s line of performance products.


In 2015 I ran the Graveyard 100 – SOLO (23 hours 05 minutes and 20 seconds) in my Knee-tec 2.0 compression tights…..rock solid product.


OPEDIX – Technology That Moves You (and keeps you moving)

Last year I had the opportunity to test wear a pair of OPEDIX compression shorts (see below) and these shorts held my weary body together. After running a spring 100k race, and my first 100 mile endurance run the compression shorts helped me run a 24 hour run just 28 days later.

When I was offered the chance to test wear some OPEDIX KNEE-Tec 2.0 Full lenght compression tights I jumped.


From their web-site:  The KNEE-Tec™ 2.0 Full Length Tights are a new addition to our KNEE-Tec collection, incorporating updated features, fit and fabrics, based upon feedback from athletes and customers. Utilizing a lighter-weight base fabric with increased spandex content for improved versatility, stretch and compression, and 18-panel construction for optimum fit and performance the KT 2.0 is the ultimate foundation for your kinetic health.


Gearing up for my second 100 miler, the Graveyard 100, my legs wear feeling pretty beat up. I started to get a little tender feeling on the insides of my calves. I believed a developing case of shin splits was coming on. The tights arrived in the mail the same week I had a 10 mile race on my calendar. I wore my OPEDIX tights for the first time for this race and the slight tender feeling in my shins disappeared. I ran a PB/PR for the race (by 16 minutes) and I’m not sure if was the results of the tights or what but my shins and legs feel great. 7 days later I ran 5 laps on a tough 5 mile park trail without an ounce of pain in my legs.


Incorporating our patented torque reform technology to promote dynamic alignment-improved mobility and stability-during training, rehab and everyday pursuits, the KT 2.0 optimizes joint function allowing you to do the things you love longer, better and with less pain and fatigue.


When to wear them:  To reduce wear and tear on your joints, increase endurance and reduce fatigue, improve performance, recovery injury, get relief from every pain, achieve long-term health benefits.

The quality and fit were top of the line.  By nature of a compression product they were a bit of a struggle to get on but once on the material provided instant compression. Adjusting them the compression bands fell perfectly around my knee and provided instant support. I have to be honest once I had them on I instantly felt “Able to leap tall buildings…..and faster just the same.”

If your looking for a performance aid of help with performance or recovery, I highly recommend OPEDIX compression gear and their KNEE-Tec 2.0

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Can a pair of shorts cure all your running ills?

That would be a dream come true.  I can only relate to my experience with this product and I love them.  The pair of OPEDIX Core-Tec shorts I recently test drove really helped me with a few lingering issues I had been having.

core tec

From their web-site:  CORE-Tec Shorts have scientifically designed tensioning systems within a comfortable, form-fitting base layer to kinetically activate your body. Working like a muscle, the scientific design uses a combination of fabric tensions to anatomically direct the body’s inside forces and reconnect the joints to harmoniously function in a kinetic chain. Expertly crafted in the USA and fashionably designed for superior fit, this gear is a perfect execution of form and function.

I ran my first 100 miler run at Umstead the first weekend of April.  Coming off that race I had a bit of an IT band issue on my right side that was causing some outside knee pain.  Recovery and foam rolling cured some of my issues but not all of them.  20 days after Umstead I had a 24 hour run on the calendar.  Not completely healed I had considered not running the event.  I received the Core-Tec shorts the week before this event.  I read up on the science behind them and hoped that the kinetic tensioning system might help me.

core tec1

Again from the manufacture:  The scientifically designed tensioning systems built within a comfortable, form-fitting base layer to enhance the kinetic functioning of your body. Working like an external muscle, a combination of fabric tensions help direct the body’s internal forces and optimize harmonious joint function in the body’s kinetic chain.

As soon as I pulled the compression shorts on I knew they would provide some relief.  The compression bands provided tensioning along the outside of my thighs and hip area that almost immediately took some of the tenderness out of my IT band.  The wide band around the waist also provided some core support which provided stability to my legs and core that felt secure and supportive.  

The quality of this product is top notch.  Made from very comfortable materials, they fit very snugly but they did not feel bunched up or leave you with any material chafing.  Once on and properly adjusted they felt very comfortable, only way I can describe them was like a well fitted glove.  I felt very supported and able to run freely with zero restriction on my running motion.

The result, I logged 75 miles during the 24 Hour Run in 17 hours and had ZERO IT Band pain, or any negative effects from wearing the OPEDIX Core-Tec shorts.  I’m not sure if it’s related, but the next morning following the 75 mile run my thighs/legs felt great.  I felt like the run was just an ordinary long run…not a 75 mile PR for time.  I’ve since used them on runs of 12 miles and 15 miles and have had very good results.  I plan to use them on all long runs and whenever I feel my body needs the extra support to keep everything tracking correctly.

I recommend OPEDIX products, their KNEE-Tec Tights and CORE-Tec Shorts to anyone needing some support or comfort to their long runs.

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