Product Review Fenix HP30 24 Hour Run Ultra Marathon

Update to my initial product review:

A good friend of mine asked me to pace her during the 2016 edition of the Umstead 100 mile endurance race.  This was Andrea first 100 mile race and we figured she would need me for 10 hours to help her finish up the final 50 miles.  Since the bulk of these miles would be run after dark, I knew I would need my Fenix HP30 to help lead the way.

andrea100a(Andrea, Wendy and I with my trusty HP30)

Well Andrea had a rough go of it and instead of taking 10 hours it took us nearly 16 hours to close out the night.  Andrea fought through a rough patch and my Fenix headlamp never gave up either.

finishing picture(Two 100 Miler finishers, Wendy and Andrea
Hank the one man support crew and me with my HP30 that never gave up)

If you need a powerful light, one that even after 12 hours never gives up the fight, a Fenix light is what you need.


Lightening Your Way:

What I’ve learned from running long distance races, i.e. 50 miles, 100k, 100 miles and 24 hour races. Unless you’re an elite runner, the majority of us will be pressed into service after the night time sky rolls in.

For my 6th running of the Virginia 24 Hour Ultra Marathon I was able to test drive the new Fenix HP30 LED headlamp. The HP30 throws off up to 900 lumens of light. Let me tell you on this wet, cold, and dark night it really lit up the trail.  After 15 hours of rain, where the trails turned to soup it was nice NOT having to worry about seeing where I stepped.  The Powerful LEDs penetrated the night, lit up the trail, and clearly showed the way.


From their Web Site:  The new Fenix HP30 Headlamp employs high capacity, belt-mounted18650 cells to generate a powerful  900 Lumens in Burst mode and 500 Lumens in High mode.  An extended 764-foot/233-meter beam distance reaches farther.  The battery box USB port stands ready to power critical navigation and communication devices.

hp 30

What I liked about the HP30. Right out of the box I could tell this set up was well made and up to the challenge of extreme night time running.  When it was time to put it to use, in the middle of a monsoon, during a 24 hour run this set up was easy to use and simple to rig up and adjust.  Once in position the generous amount of light delivered came with no extra burden on weight or complex operation.  At dusk I retrieved the headlamp out of my running bag, placed it on my head, turned it on, and then I ran. I didn’t have to worry about my lightening equipment after that. The HP30 offered simple, and hands free use.

The HP30 not only provides an awesome amount f light but also an ability to charge other USB powered items.

If you’re looking to upgrade your lightning gear or if you’re looking for your first night time running outfit, one stop to their web site is all you need.

You can check out the HP30 at Fenix Store
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My only regret is I did not get any in use photos, but this at no fault to the HP30, it was so wet, and I was so waterlogged that I did not want to pull out my camera.  I’ll be sure to get some photos at the Boggie 50 Miler in June where we start running at 6 p.m. BUT I have no fear of the dark…my HP30 will again lead the way.

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