Our Schnauzer Adventures – The First Week

Our Schnauzer Adventures, The Week.

We have had Emmy Lu and Carly for just about a week now.  Everyone is getting settled into their new home.  The four of us are adjusting to the new routine and we are getting used to having a dog again.  Oh wait TWO dogs!  Over the past seven days Michele and I have noticed a few things about our two wonderful fur faced Schnauzers that make them uniquely them.

thepair(On the ride home, we travel well)

Emmy Lu:  She is two years old and a petite little girl.  She is a bit shy and a little timid.  She warms up fast and has bonded well with us but when introduced to something new she takes her time checking it out.  She loves to cuddle and is the “lap dog” of the two.  Once she climbs onto your lap she is there for the long haul.  Emmy loves to sit next to you and makes some of the sweetest noises when she yawns.  Her idea of playtime is pushing her head up under your chin.  She also loves to pat her front paws while encouraging you to play along with her.  At first she did not have much of an interest in toys, but she has begun to chase them across the room and when she can beat out Carly she brings it right back for another round.  The one trait that stands out is that Emmy Lu is a girlie girl, she does everything petite and neat.  She is a wonderful dog to have around.

emmy lu(Emmy Lu found a comfy spot)

Carly:  Six years old and full of fun. She is a bit shorter and stockier than your average schnauzer.  Rambunctious, She is a barrel of fun.  Whereas Emmy Lu likes to approach you slowly to get her cuddles, Carly runs you over in the process.  Not only does she come at you full speed, her tongue is licking at 100 mph.  A bit protective she keeps an eye on the world around us and is sure to tell us when someone new approaches.  Carly enjoys cuddle time and sitting on your lap but unless she falls asleep she is not there long.  It’s the funniest thing when Carly does fall asleep.  She flips over on her back with all four feet in the air while out cold.  When Carly plays it’s all out warfare on the toy or you.  Her idea of cuddling is power cuddles.  She will run up to you with her head lowered making sure you know she is there.  Carly loves big, from her hugs to her kisses to the way she gets her new toys.  Carly is going to let you know she loves you in a big way.

Carly(Carly sitting behind my chair watching the world go by)

Both dogs are very smart as well as house/crate trained.  They respond well on the leash and have not fought the harnesses at all.  Michele and I plan to work with them to teach the basic commands.  From what we see it won’t take long.

lovingmommy(Both dogs loving on Mommy)

Both dogs seem to really be enjoying the one on one time we offer them.  We believe we are bonding well.

We have so enjoyed our first few days and we are looking forward to many more to come!

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