My Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run Plan — Ultra Marathon, Running, Racing and Training



This is my first 100 mile run/race.  Under taking such an challenge, I knew that to have a chance at success, I would have to prepare not only my body but also my mind.

Well it’s too late to do anything more about the body side of this equation.  I’ve run over 1,000 miles since Sept.  I’ve completed long runs of 50, 37.9 (3 laps on the course) and 63 miles.  And finally I’m in the last taper week which will include proper eating and hydration.  I’m not sure what else I can do to prepare physically.

The mind or the mental side of a 100 mile run I hear and firmly believe is just as important.  You have to have confidence you can do what you signed yourself up for.  You have to believe that you’re capable.  And you have to block out, make quiet, ignore all the little voices inside your own head that may work to undermine you.

Since I first got into the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Race, I refused to say I was “going to try” and run 100 miles.  I have told everyone that I know that I Am going to run 100 miles.  Mentally “trying to”…was already on the brink of defeat.  I will finish the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Race and to do that I have to have a plan.

I plan to run every lap at a maximum of 3 hour per lap pace (12.5 miles at 14:24 pace), with a minimum lap time of 2:45.   This plan would put me way ahead of the 30 hr count off.  I will use the 1 mile run/2 minute walk pace George and I ran at the Graveyard 100k.  I believe this will be a conservative pace on the front half and a little aggressive in the back half.

My A goal is to finish, and not be dead.  My B goal is sub 26 hours and My C goal is a Sub 24 hour finish.  Using Graveyard as a reference, (63 miles in 14hr 46mins/14:04) I could have gone another 37 miles in 10 hours, this is a possible depending on conditions etc..


Start –  0             0600
Lap 1 – 12.50      0900       (0800-0900 expected support window)
Lap 2 – 25.00      1200       (0900-1000)
Lap 3 – 37.50      1500       (1400-1500)
Lap 4 – 50.00      1800       (1700-1800)
Lap 5 – 62.50      2100       (2000-2100)
Lap 6 – 75.00      2400       (2300-2400)
Lap 7 – 87.50      0300       (0200-0300)
Lap 8 – 100.00     0600 –    (0500-0600) DONE

umstead 100 buckle

I’ll be running the first 50 miles with Nathan Maxwell, @socialshark, we hope to keep each other on target and entertained during the opening segment.  If I’m running ahead or behind the plan, I’ll just adjust the times and keep moving on my 3 hour pace.

My wife Michele will man my aid station/base camp.  The race has aid stations and water stations set up around the course, my aid/base camp will be there to take care of the personal issues that might come up as well as have a stock pile of my favorite foods in case the race foods are no working or sitting well.  Also my base camp and crew are there to kick my butt if I wimp out.  Unless there are bones or blood…I will not drop.  And anyone I know has the right to kick my butt to keep me moving.

Making the turn at the end of each lap, I will have (7) 1gal zip lock bags (pick up bags) and two water bottles waiting for me.  As I make my way past I plan to grab one bag and the water bottles.  Each bag will have the same items:

Apple sauce cup or Pudding
Diet Dew
Candy snack (M & Ms, Kisses or Mini candy bars)
GU x 2
Endurolytes x 2
Advil/Tylenol x 4

 IMG_20140401_182925_908  IMG_20140401_183009_648

As I leave the pit stop I’ll consume the apple sauce/pudding, drink half the dew and stash the remaining items in my race vest to have later on during the lap.  I plan to also take on food during the race provided aid stations but my pick up bags will be my go to food just in case.

I hope to Tweet updates throughout this race, but have been told cell reception is spotty in the park.  Pls pray for me, lift me up and send positive thoughts and Tweets!  I will read them!

PACKING LIST: (pack stuff in tubs)
4 changes of clothes
(shorts, shoes, socks, shirts, underwear)
2 Long pants
2 Jackets
2 Fleece tops
Shores (all of them)
Shoes with toe box cut out
Knee straps/thigh strap
Race vest
Hand held water bottles (all of them 2 min.)
After race clothes
(underwear, sweat pants, t shirt, fleece top socks and shoes)
Beach towels
Wet Bag
Garbage for rain gear
Reflective gear/vest
GPS watches and chargers

Pain medicine
ibuprofin, asprin and Tylenol
Body glide/Bag Balm etc.
Tums rolaids and/or pepto-bismol
Blister Band- Aids
Ace bandage
Safety pins (& swiss army knife)
Baby wipes
Sunscreen and lip balm
Bug Spray

Extra flashlight batteries and bulbs

Extra water/Gator aid
Salty snacks, chips, pretzels, cheese nips
Apple Sauce
Diet Dew
Peanut butter

Jump Pack
Trash bags
Cell phone and charger
Folding chairs (2)
Tent/Pop Up tent
Ground covering
Tarps for sides
Zip ties
Extension cords
Surge protectors
Phone and chargers (car chargers)
White board and markers
Note pad and pencils

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