My Faith

Have not written here in a while, nothing has changed, nothing is wrong…just at times I feel ill-equipped to blog about God.  There are many things I do not understand about faith, the Bible our creator and how to inspire others.  Running is easy to talk about…just run.  Faith is so much more, and at times I’m at a loss for words…or I try to make it to complicated.

These two songs have stayed with me.

I think too many times we, (insert I) beat ourselves up for our failures…with Jesus sacrifice we are blameless. We )I) need to think about that FACT more often and not on our (MY) failures.

And we (again I) have to stop buying the lies of the world and stop fighting the battles that have already been won by Jesus, for you (me).

Music is so powerful…feed your soul!

My running Tattoo…

I run a lot of long distance races over the course of a year.  In most of these races, I have literally hours to do nothing but keep my feet and my body moving forward.  As a middle of a pack runner, I’m surrounded by a lot of other runners all dressed in a wide variety of running gear.  While traveling in this pack I tend to look around taking in what kind of shoes, socks, shorts or technical shirts the other runners may be wearing.  I reasoned if I was looking around so must be all the other runners.

It came to me out of the blue or was it a message from God himself that I should be using this opportunity to witness.  At first, I was not sure how I could communicate in the middle of the pack.  How could I get out “the good news” while everyone around me was concentrating on their pace, tempo or race strategy?  Then it hit me.  I had to be creative.  The back of my right calf now bears the words GOD and LOVE.  The common O forms an intersection which fills up a 6” x 3” cross outline.  This simple cross transforms into a bold statement.  Yet it provides a powerful reminder that we are loved.


Maybe those simple words.  That simple statement could connect with someone at just the right time.

GOD is LOVE.  For someone who would shy away from a deep conversation, those simple words may feed the seed of reflection.

GOD is LOVE.  Just maybe someone went to church for the first time and running the race with them is a reminder that GOD is in their life.

GOD is LOVE.  Could it be that this is the morning that someone is facing a major life issue?

GOD is LOVE.  Yesterday did someone receive a phone call that changed their world forever?

GOD is LOVE.  Is someone in this crowd of runners, running away from something, or running away from someone in their past?

GOD is LOVE.  Did someone wake up this morning alone, and yet went for a run?


We all need “GOD is LOVE,”

We (I) believe in God the Father
We (I) believe in Jesus Christ
We (I) believe in the Holy Spirit
And He’s given us new life
We (I) believe in the crucifixion
We (I) believe that He conquered death
We (I) believe in the resurrection
And He’s comin’ back again, we (I) believe

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