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Running and writing go hand in hand for me. Each race is a story about life in of itself. Life is a race we run in hopes of achieving our best finish. In my books, I aim to capture the struggles, the victories, and the challenges of the long-distance runner. I also strive to uncover the power of relationships. Life is a race designed to be shared and running is a sport, habit or lifestyle that makes you face those challenges alone yet fueled, inspired and empowered by the relationships in your life.

UNFINISHED – He was a runner, an Olympic marathon hopeful. The world was an open door that he had to prove he had the talent, drive, and ability to run through. The rest of the field ran for a spot on the team, Kyle ran to prove his life held value, meaning, and purpose.

She was an American beauty fighting to find her place in the world. Sober and on her own for the first time, Candy was trying to distance herself from years of regret, depression, and mistrust. Their lives came together in Berkeley Springs, WV. A town set on the doorstep of the Blue Ridge Mountains and known for its healing waters. Life and the mountains had another idea.

The JFK 50-mile ultramarathon, a benchmark of the East Coast endurance events provides a chance to test your mettle. Featuring over 15-miles on the Appalachian Trail, a marathon plus distance along the C&O canal path and 8-miles of rolling country roads. The race and its unique course would challenge and change you if you could finish. A chance encounter and a race that would define the rest of their story.

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Running to Leadville is a story about the hardships of life.

“Then one day, the other neighbor kids were no longer allowed to play with him. He noticed that the older kids and the other parents talked under their breath and pointed his way. Then the “D” word became part of the conversations. His mother explained to him what divorce meant. He really only understood that he would be living in a new home, in another neighborhood, and without his father.”

Running to Leadville is a story about the power of love.

“It was the first day of eleventh grade English. She walked into the classroom catching his eye from the very first instant he saw her. He had seen her before from afar in Junior High, but never really talked to her or got to know her. He tried not to stare. His heart raced as she took up a seat right behind his.”

Running to Leadville is about loss and the ability to overcome.

“Overhead, the deep, vibrating and repetitive sounds that he knew to be that of the beating blades of a helicopter. The crisp air was shattered by the droning sounds of the rotary blades ripping thru the atmosphere as they propelled the helicopter towards him. He had no idea who called for help; numerous people had stopped to offer assistance. He was simply relieved that some form of assistance had arrived. “

Running to Leadville is a captivating tale about a 100-mile ultra-marathon known as the “Race Across the Sky” and the runners who take on this ultimate test of endurance. A foot race that begins in Leadville, Co the nation’s highest incorporated town.  The Leadville trail takes runners 50 miles out of town through locations known as May Queen, Fish Hatchery, and Twin Lakes to a towering mountain pass known as Hope Pass.  The runners battle themselves and the trail which summits at 12,600 ft to begin a treacherous downhill segment delivering them to the old ghost town of Winfield, Co.  Once in Winfield they must turn around and do it all over again to arrive back in Leadville and the red carpet finish line.

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26.2 Tips To Run Your Best Marathon, is a book aimed at the first time marathon runner or the veteran who is looking to improve their finishing times.

This book bridges the gap between training and racing in the real world. Not a training guide or a technical manual on marathon racing with training plans and diets. 26.2 Tips offers the valuable lessons learned and race strategies to help you improve your finishing times, set new Personal records, or maybe even earn a Boston Qualifying time.

I share with you my race days experiences and what has worked for me in shaving nearly an hour off my marathon time. This book is ideal for anyone looking to post the best marathon finishing time they can. 26.2 Tips to Run Your Best Marathon will capitalize on the small and often forgotten details that cost you large amounts of time on race day.

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