Motivation – Western States 100 Winners

I would bet 75% of all runners have never heard about Ultramarathon running and racing.  An Ultramarathon being a race longer then the 26.2 miles of the marathon distance.  Of the 25% that are familiar with ultramarathon running, I would guess maybe half have heard of races like Western States 100, Leadville 100 or Hardrock 100. Some would argue these are the Majors, the World Series and Super Bowl of the Ultrarunning world. I would say they are much more than that, but unfortunately most of the world never even noticed.

This past weekend 27-28 June 2015, The Western States 100 was in run and won by Rob Krar, male and Magdalena  Boulet, female in times of 14:48:59 and 19:05:21 respectively.




Let that time sink for just a little bit…..not only did Rob and Magdalena win a 100 mile race, they did so while climbing and desecending over 41,000 feet. wsfinalfinisher

AND Gunhild Swanson finished in 29:59:54 and set the record as the oldest woman finisher in the history of the race. Check out the video of her finish here. Talk about MOTIVATION! The rest of the world needs to pay more attention to events like these.

In what other sport would you see the winner, helping the final finisher complete their race?


So, this is what seems like a bunch of strangers pacing that 70-year-old lady into finishing Western States 100 miler 6 seconds before the cut off. Note the guy in the cowboy hat and flip-flops. He had won the race 15 hours earlier that day and here is trying to get this lady he doesn’t know across the finish line in time. THAT is what trail running is all about!

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