Motivation – Running Farther, Faster, and More Often Then Ever Before

Running is my talent?

I used to look at painters, singers and people who had unique artistic talents and think…what about me?  I often wondered why I did not get a “talent” like that?  Although I lacked the skills they had, those people with the talents they were given by God inspired me to look for my gift.  Sadly, I never found it with a pencil, guitar or chunk of clay.  At times I felt sorry for myself, why was I not given a gift which could inspire?

I never saw running as a talent.  Running for fitness I did out of routine.  It was a way to stay in shape and pass the yearly Air Force P.T. test.  Nothing more, nothing less and it certainly did not inspire.  Then one day running took me beyond the normal “let’s try not to get to fat” distances.  Once venturing out on longer and longer runs, running took me where it wanted me to be.  Free from the “normal,” the “standard” I was no longer bottled up by the uninspiring routine run.  I found I could do more, then something unexpected happened.

Could be it that maybe I found my talent?  I hope my running inspires you to find yours.

These people have inspired me this week.

timscott(Tim, near the end of 314 miles)

Timofei Szkatulski fresh off completing the Vol State 500k (314 miles).  Yes that says 314 miles and Tim did that without a support crew.  The race director offers two options to run this race, he calls them “crewed” or “screwed.” As Tim describes his run:  A 500k run that touches 5 states with a start date of July 10th, 2014 in Dorena Landing, Missouri. Finished in 6:12:30:40 (average of 48 miles per day) at Castle Rock, Georgia.  Tim race this race completely on his own.  Tim inspires me.  More info on this race can be found here.

I’ve only known Tim for a year. The first time I met him he came out to support me during a 50 mile training run for Umstead.  I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to have someone whom I had never met offer to help me in such an unselfish way.


trifinish(Andrea #431 Finishing her second Tri)

Andrea Shippritt McHugh, I’ve only known this amazing, inspiring and caring runner, no wait triathlete for a little over a year.  In that time Andrea has gone from being a 4+ hour marathoner runner to breaking the 4 hour barrier, becoming a ultra-runner, and now a triathlete.  Of all those amazing accomplishments, that is NOT what inspires me.  Below is a snippet of a conversation which was posted on Facebook.  This is what inspires me, she is the mother of two girls, one she calls Super M…and she is inspiring them. (I hope she does not kill me for using this, ha ha)

Andrea: While putting the girls to bed, Super M asked me if I was really scared to go “swim with the big fishes in the ocean” during my first open water tri this weekend. I told her that I am really nervous but I have been training for this for a long time and I think that I will be ok. I told her that sometimes we have to do really scary things to prove to ourselves that we are stronger than we think.

Super M: You know, Mom, you are right. We have to be brave and do scary things some times. Yesterday when there was a spider on the wall I was really scared but me and Goldie (her stuffed goldfish) took some toilet paper and smushed him and I realized that I don’t have to be scared of them anymore! I can just be brave and smush them whenever I want.

Me: That is true. I have been afraid of doing this for a long time and it is finally time to prove to myself that I can get it done. I even think that it might be fun!

Super M: I want to do something brave and scary! I want to give you my blankie tonight. I am a big girl and I don’t need a blankie to keep me safe. I want you to take it, Mom. I want to be brave like you! Can you keep it cozy for me?

Me: (No words. Just tears. And lots of hugs.)  They are always listening. So proud my brave girl for giving up her blankie on her own. Her blankie that has been in her life since birth. The McQ girls can do scary things. Do you think Blankie can keep me cozy and safe in the water this weekend?!

Who inspired you this week?  Tells us about it!

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