Motivation Monday – My Daughters First 5k and Some Great Links

To start the week off right…check out my daughter Jessica’s FIRST 5k at the Color Me Rad 5k in Spokane and these motivating blogs.

Could a Daddy be any prouder?

 jessicacolorme1  jessicacolorme7
 Is this Charlies Angles or….?
(Jessica and her friend Amanda)
Love my girl!

Not only did Jessica complete her first 5k but she did this tending after two wonderful kids, (Aiden and Alaina, my grandkids) while keeping up the home front, and being the puppy mommy for Cassie (my grand-doggie).  Michele and I are so proud of her!

 jessicacolorme5  jessicacolorme6
  Keepin up the pace!  If I was to do this I’d blow a Hammy….love it
Congrats Jessica and Amanda, next year 50k?

Proud of both of you girls!

Other inspiring runners from last week:

Great story “One triathlon and you’ll be hooked” by Katerina

One utra runners thoughts on the “5 Thoughts on Failure” by Fast Cory

Seven-day Sahara marathon was ‘life-altering’ Jeanne Posey, from Canada

Braves Country 5k by Runladylike

AND my pal Steve is going to run the famed WESTERN STATES 100, check out his blog Run Bulldog Run

Have you read an inspiring blog?  Post a link here…


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