Last Week In Review: Jan 27 – Feb 2

Last Week In Review: ( Jan 27 – Feb 2)

Monday: 10.3
Tuesday: 7.2
Wednesday: 5 #snownado2014
Thursday: 5 #snownado2014
Friday: 7.8
Saturday: 19 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: 0 REST DAY –  Super Bowl Sunday

Total:  54.30 mile – Jan Total: 240.2 miles – YTD Total: 240.2 on 22 Running Days



What a week, Monday it was 60f and then ANOTHER winter front moved into the 757 area and by Wednesday morning we had 8″ of snow.

Wednesday I went out and ran around our housing area, on the un-plowed roads, and got in a hard 5 miles.  Some of the cul-de-sac had 8″ inches which made it feel like I was running up hill the entire time. Thursday night after work, I hit the HOA roads again and although I did not have to plow thru the snow, my footing was questionable at best. A slow slog was best I could do.

Friday night ran 7.8 miles at 8:23 pace on Fort Lee, three figure 8 laps, around my wives work area. After cautiously running the past two days because of the snow it felt so good to get the legs opened up.

Saturday met up with the Corner Stone Striders run club, ran a nice 19 miles in 2hrs 55mins, with a nice push at the end.

Umstead here we come!

umstead 100 buckle


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