Last Week In Review – Graveyard 100k, Ultra Marathon

Last Week In Review: (Feb 3 – 9 March)

Monday: 60 Minutes Elliptical
Tuesday: 60 Minutes Elliptical
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 50 Miles – Graveyard 100K
Sunday: 13 Miles -Graveyard 100k = Finish time 14 hrs 36 mins 16 seconds

Total:   63 miles – YTD Total: 463.87 miles on 37 Running Days

This week was all about getting my legs ready for the running of the Graveyard 100k.  This was my third training run for the upcoming Umstead 100 endurance run in April.  This race was also a PR attempt for my good friend and running mentor George N.  George asked me to run this race with him for safety reasons and pacing.  I was happy to agree as George has taught me nearly everything I know about Ultra Running.  We started the day together and 63 miles later, we finished together.

“Some times you race for time, Some times you race for friendship.”  Brian


I’ll write more about this race in an upcoming blog post.

Have you ever run a race where your finishing time did not matter?  Tell us about it.

4 thoughts on “Last Week In Review – Graveyard 100k, Ultra Marathon

  1. Shaun Byrne

    Congrats on the race, looking forward to hearing about it. I always love a race when it’s not about the time and about something more important


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