Last Week In Review: (Dec 30 – Jan 5)

Last Week In Review: (Dec 30 – Jan 5)

Monday: 5
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 0  Happy New Year – 2014
Thursday: 0 rest day
Friday: 0 rest day
Saturday: 50.08 – 1st Umstead training run
Sunday: 0

Total: 60.08 miles

End of last week I came down with a sinus issue,  fighting with it early in the week. Planned short runs for Monday/Tuesday.

It was strange taking three days off, but coming off the sinus thing…it felt good to try and get my body right.  Friday a big storm rolled in on the east coast, everywhere north of us had snow and brutal temps.  We got cold and high winds, praying it would not last over night or into Saturday.

Saturday Morning I woke up at 0400, it was 19f with calm winds.  I had three big pancakes and two high carb breakfast drinks, geared up and was in the parking lot of Noland Trail by 0630.

1st of three planned training runs for Umstead was going to go down.

I used my car as a makeshift run HQ, posting all my lap times for the support runners who would join me through out the day.  I would pit stop at my car every 10 miles (1 lap).

50milecarhq(Run HQ)

50milecarhq1(Run HQ with map and lap times posted)

nolandtrail50map (Run Map 5 miles of Noland Trail with 5 miles
in housing area, total 10 miles)

Full run report will be posted soon.

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