Knuckle Lights for Night Time Running and Walking

UPDATE: 24 Oct 2016

The  Updated Knuckle Lights are here…

Knuckle Lights are the first and only lights designed to be worn on your hands, perfectly positioned to light your path and be seen. For those who are up before the sun and still out when most are resting, there is now a product that will comfortably and powerfully light your next walk or run. No more uncomfortable headbands, flashlights or ineffective reflectors. Knuckle Lights are always ready when you are and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. 


These updated lights are awesome, I’ve been using them to walk our dogs, and to light my path on some early morning runs!  Smaller, more compact, rechargeable and bright!

With daylight savings right around the corner, our training time will be getting shorter with the cover of darkness getting longer and longer.

If you want a ultra convenient way to like your path get yourself a set today…Knuckle Lights Web Site

6 Sept 2014

With the long summer days, I forgot how great Knuckle Lights work.  Yesterday I had a 20 mile long run planned and with the high heat/humidity I decided to run at four in the morning.  I got all my gear ready, my Knuckle Lights and ran off into the darkness.  Within steps of turning on my lights….it all came back to me.  These things are GREAT!

Shorter days are coming….night time running is right around the corner.  Do yourself a favor and get a pair today!


Recently I ran the Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer.  I’ve run this race 4 years prior and love the event.  But there’s something about this race that I just hate.  Some of the parts of the trail are very dark during the night time hours.  And when I mean dark, I’m talking D A R K…pitch black dark.  Truth be told, there have been portions of the previous races after day light hours that I’ve been just plain scared on the trail.  I mean big foot could live out there.

This year fear was not part of the 24 hour run as I was armed it Knuckle Lights.  This year the trail was no longer dark, and I never felt alone out there.  Knuckle Lights led the way.


From their Web Site:  Knuckle Lights are worn on your hands in the perfect position to light your path and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark.  Each Knuckle Lights are 45 Lumens on high power comparable to most mid-priced headlamps, so YOU GET TWICE THE AMOUNT OF LIGHT in a comfortable easy to wear option.


10 hours into the 24 hour run the sun went down and I slipped on my Knuckle Lights.  Compared to years past my Knuckle Light led the way and the trail did not seem so dark.  What I really liked about the lights is that since they are located on my hands it’s easy to point them in the direction I want to check out.  Since they come in pairs, you’re still able to have some light on the trail.  I follow the light well made easy to use and comfortable.

If you’re going to do any night time running, I recommend Knuckle Lights.

5 thoughts on “Knuckle Lights for Night Time Running and Walking

  1. Timothy Solomon

    Those are pretty cool! Looks more comfortable than a head strap.
    is the movement of the lights not a bit distracting?

    1. Brian Burk

      Head straps always give me a head ache, I got used to the movement pretty quick. Like the ability to control where the light beam went.


  2. hamptonrunner

    I have these and cannot recommend them highly enough. They work especially well where I run. A lot of where I run has street lights, so I can leave them off, but there are long dead spots. These enable me to just turn them on at dead spots. Also, since there are two, if the battery dies in one (this has happened), I still have one. Another advantage is that when I am running by other runners or bikers, I don’t blind them. I also don’t blind myself when I cross something reflective.


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