Halloween and Running – Don’t be scared

You finally lost the 5 pounds that has been hanging on since the holiday season a year ago and now…it’s back.

Halloween can be a scary time for adults.  Scary is the holiday that celebrates the fun-size candy bar.


Consider these 10 ways to make your Halloween a little less scary and a little more healthy.

  • Buy candy you’re not crazy about.  This doesn’t mean all candy you give out has to be unappealing to you, but you may have more success sticking to the plan if you don’t have buckets for of your favorite candy bars lying around.
  • Give out non-food treats.  Offer small toys, stickers, pencils, erasers instead of candy — not sure you’ll be the most popular house on the block but you will stick to your healthy eating goal.
  • Offer healthier treats.  Some healthful options include granola bars, sugar-free gum, and individually packaged portions of raisins, apple slices, dried cranberries, and nuts.
  • Don’t ask your kids to hide the candy.  If you’re a parent, Halloween offers an opportunity to set a good example for your kids. Model moderation, not deprivation. And don’t blame the dog for eating all the snickers bars…no one believes you anyway.
  • Make the candy you DO eat last longer.  Put a handful of your favorite candy bars in your freezer so that when you do enjoy a piece or two, it will last longer and you’ll have the chance to truly savor the flavor.
  • Enjoy, but be mindful.  Reward yourself with small amounts of candy…will make it less likely you’ll go over bored if you have to and can EARN it.
  • Don’t get too hungry. If you skip a meal on Halloween day and let yourself get overly hungry, you’ll be more vulnerable to candy temptation. Drink plenty of water before to take up that empty space.
  • Plan the perfect Halloween night dinner. Have a tasty, balanced meal for dinner on Halloween.  Choose a dinner that is high in fiber, and includes some lean protein and a bit of fat, so it will take some time to digest.
  • Sip a warm beverage. Keep your hands and mouth busy while you hand out treats on Halloween night by sipping hot tea, decaf coffee, apple cider, or light hot cocoa.  But stay away from the shot of Fireball…..so they tell me.
  • Avoid boredom. People often end up munching mindlessly when they’re bored. So keep busy Halloween night by making plans with family, friends, or neighbors.


If you really want to have a fun on Halloween night get your kids to hand out the candy and go for a run.  It would be a blast to log a few miles looking at all the little kids dressed up in their Halloween best. If your really into the theme of Halloween, dress up and run around the neighborhood as Wheres Waldo.

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