Graveyard 100 – Ultra Marathon – 100 Miler – Run

Last year I ran the Graveyard 100k, this year I’m running the 100 mile edition.


Why am I coming back to run this race again? Very good question…one I’ve wrestled with myself. When I began planning my spring race calendar, I wanted to run something crazy, notable, maybe something bordering on madness. I even conjured up a great name, borrowing from the NCAA, “March Marathon Madness.” My plan was to run four semi local marathons on four weekends in March. I thought the idea was awesome, and the planning began. Then something strange happened.

The Ghosts of the Graveyard came a calling. Instead of finalizing my March Marathon Madness plans, I found myself distracted thinking about returning to HWY 12, the Outer Banks and running 100 miles again. The more I tried to move on with my plan the more the graveyard of the Atlantic called my name.

The ghost of running past came to visit first. I enjoyed running the 100k version last year with my friend George. It was great fun running the entire distance with him, but I also remember being a bit jealous of those running the 100 mile event.  Over the course of the year since, it ate at me that when I talked about this event I always had to add that I ran the “100k race” not the 100 mile version. The 100 miles of the graveyard haunted me like the lost ships of the Atlantic.

The ghost of running present visited next. Since running my first 100 miler at Umstead last year I’ve been able to keep myself in marathon and beyond shape. My 50 mile run in January proved I still had the endurance and resolve to run epic crazy miles. Somewhere in the rattling chains of my mind, I knew the time may never be better; the ghost reminded me that my body was ready.

The ghost of running future finally convinced me. The Graveyard event is an outstanding event. The race is well organized, supported and conceived. Running the race last year, they made me feel like a ROCK STAR, although I’m a middle of the pack finisher. Last year I walked away with sore legs, tired lungs, a bit smelly, and a cool medal. Medal…$%^*#@$ A MEDAL ^&*%#$^ No disrespect, I love marathon bling too, but you get medals for marathons…I want the Graveyard Buckle. The visualization of putting the 100 Mile buckle around my waist closed the deal.


I’m coming back to the Graveyard.

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