Graveyard 100 Facts Thoughts and My Plan

Graveyard 100 Facts/Thoughts and My Plan
(race provided information)


Did I Mention I’m Running This Thing, SOLO?  Runners who complete the course solo will receive a 2-tone shiny silver/gold buckle. The 2-tone buckle is a visual recognition you completed the course unaided.


2 Bridge Crossing, I have to make the 1st one by 5 pm Saturday:  2 bridge crossings between AS2 and AS3. Both are 2-lane bridges neither of which have a pedestrian right-of-way and neither will have a coned off area to run in. The first bridge is 2.5-mile long Bonner Bridge, the second is a temporary bridge and is approx 100-feet

Drop Bags:  I’ll have 5 drop bags, one at each aide station and one at the finish. In each aide station drop bag will be an extra layer of clothing to swap for wet gear or to add on to fight off the cold. i.e. Jacket, long sleeve tech t-shirt, fleece, pants, socks, hat/ear coverings and gloves.  At the finish I’ll have shower items, sweat suit, underclothes, socks and shoes to change into.

Race Vest:  I’ll carry one extra out layer in my race vest along with some small food items, rain gear and meds.

Race Route:  100-Mile Route The race will start promptly at 5AM eastern time Sat. March 7th. The race starts in Currituck Heritage Park, Corolla, NC and follows HWY 12 until it ends at The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Approx 101.5 miles

Cutoff Times:
MUST DEPART AS 1 by 10am Saturday
MUST DEPART AS 2 by 3:30pm Saturday
MUST BE ON Bonner Bridge by 5:00pm Saturday
MUST BE OFF Bonner Bridge by 6:00pm Saturday
MUST DEPART AS 3 by 11:30pm Saturday
MUST DEPART AS 4 by 8am Sunday — Daylight Savings Time Accounted for
MUST FINNISH by Noon Sunday March 8 — Daylight Savings Time Accounted for

Someone I Do NOT Want To Meet: Tom Miller will be sweeping the entire 100-mile course solo.

graveyard100k(Last Year 100k with George)

Pacing: I plan to run the same plan that worked for last years 100k, 10 min run at 10:00 mile pace with 2 minutes of fast walking.  I’ll keep that up as long as I can then add to the walk breaks.  During JFK 50 I found I could actually run fast near then end of the race.  I used a similar plan at Umstead 100 that brought me home in 22 hours 51 minutes and 05 seconds.

Goals: Finishing is a WIN, but I hope to average running at 12:00 minutes per mile all day/night…with a finish in 20 hours.  Anything sub 22 would be great and a PR/PB.  Taking into account the aide station times I’ll need to put on a push near the end to stay on target.

Strategy & Notes: This race was designed to “create the most difficult race possible out of seemingly easy terrain”. The rating of 1 (surface) & 1 (terrain) is a little misleading. It’s not the hardest 100 you will ever run and is actually a fast course for front-runners. It’s also not an easy course and should be respected.


WEATHER:  Weather in the Outer banks in March, everything from 70-degree days, to snow to nor’easters has happened, and can & will happen. 30 mph sustained wind would not be at all uncommon. This event will not be cancelled for foul weather. The only reason it could be cancelled, re-routed or delayed is in the event of a road or bridge closure. You can expect conditions to change instantly. Wind at your back on Friday is not guaranteed to stay that way, please prepare accordingly.

DNF’s:  90% of the 100-Mile DNF’s here are a result of the cold.  The DNF rate for first-time 100-milers hovers around 75%. Hatteras Island will be very barren and lonely.

gyConsider visiting the Graveyard, next year?


  • John Flynn

    Sounds like you’re ready! Good luck man, you’re in for a wild time.

    • Brian Burk

      Thanks for the read…. I’m sure it will be. Have you run it? I did the 100k last year…had to come back for the 100.