Five Things You Need To Do To Run 100 Miles

Five Things You Need To Do To Run 100 Miles

This week is the final taper week for my 6th running of the Virginia 24 Hour Ultra Run For Cancer, third as team #Run4Life captian.  Not that I’m an expert or accomplished 100 mile runner, but I thought I would offer you Five Things You Need To Do To Run 100 Miles.


#1 Sign Up…no kidding signning up for the race, admiting to yourself that you want to tackle this distance is the biggest first step.  If you don’t believe in yourself enough to sign up, how can you ever run the distance.  Check out how it went my first attemp to run an Ultra marathon and maybe 100 miles.

24hr2012(My thrid finish, not 100 miles but 75 had to do)

#2 Tell Everyone You Know…Once you commit to yourself that you want to run 100 miles, tell everyone you know.  Post it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, post pictures of your entry acceptence on Instagram, write your grandmother, send a Western Union telegram to your old Army buddies….get the word out there.  The peer pressure of knowing your goal is out there for the world to see, and hold you accountable is powerful. How did I do at Umstead?


#3 Be Determined…You signed up, You paid the fees, you told your friends and family.  Now refuse to give in, the thought of running 100 miles is scary, but if you believe…you can do it.  In the months leading up to the big race refuse to even consider failure, never think of giving up, never entertain the thought.  Believe in you and you can do it.


#4 Plan…Sounds simple enough.  Any other race distance you might be able to train and just show up.  But to run 100 miles you have to have a plan, where are you going to refuel, rehydrate and change clothes or get first aid if you need it.  100 miles is a long way, even for the elite ultra-runners this race is long, spanning 15+ hours.  In that time a lot can and will most likely go wrong.  You have to plan for 100 mile success of surfer 100 failures.


#5 You Have To Be Prepared To Suffer…No ay around it, running for 100 miles, or as near as you can get is going to hurt.  You have to be prepared to suffer, I’ve had blisters that cover 1/2 my foot, toe nails that screamed out in pain, knees that hated me and an achilles pain that felt like someone was inserting a hot poker in the back of my heal.  Want to run a 100 mile race, you have to suffer.

For a Professionals  tips on running 100 miles check out MARCO CONSANI: TOP-10 TIPS FOR RUNNING 100-MILE ULTRAS here.

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  1. Blonde Kenyan

    So true! Though before my first (and only thus far) 100 miler, I told pretty much no one. I was too afraid to let people down. That is, until I crushed it. I told everyone!!


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