Five Favorites

My Five Favorite Running Things:

1. My Nike Air Pegasus Running Shoes:


And no I’m not a Nike sponsored runner (But I am available….hint hint hint).  I’ve been running in Air Pegs for over 12 years…run in every model since 2000 AND love them.  The way they fit my feet, it’s perfection.  The ride is smooth, easy and cushioned.  For my feet, I truly believe there is no better shoe on the market.

2.  My Race Ready Long Distance Shorts:


How to carry all that GU/Power Gel and the little things you need during a long run?  Race Ready Shorts, manufactures of high performance technical running apparel.  I love their running shorts w/pockets, the best solution for carrying nutritional products on long distance runs.  Not only are they functional but also very durable…I’ve had my favorite pair since 2005 and I have worn them on all long runs and six marathons, would not run a marathon without them.

3.  My subscription to Marathon & Beyond:


A friend introduced me to Marathon & Beyond, after my first marathon in April 2005, and at the time I NEVER thought I would run anything longer.  But after reading the stories and commentary in M&B the miles beyond 26.2 did not seam so daunting.  In 2008 I ran my first Ultra…and I’ve loved every issue of M&B ever since.  When I open my mailbox and see the latest copy of M&B…my inner Ultra runner does a happy dance!

4.  My Social Media Outlet, Twitter:

Social Media can be a gigantic waste of time…or it can be a great way to connect with a community that shares a common pursuit.  I enjoy the real time news and sports feed on my time line but I really stay on Twitter for the connection with fellow runners.  I’ve tried other outlets, forums, mail groups etc, but none has been as inspiring as the runners on Twitter.  Where else could you connect with, have “one on one” tweets with, or receive a “shout out” from World Class Marathoners, Olympians, and local runners who lift you up.  Follow me on Twitter @cledawgs

5.  My Race Bling:

Yes I am a sucker for the shinny and sparkly.  Yea I know that does not sound very Manly Man…but have you walked down the tool isle at Sears.  All the chrome plated wrenches/socket sets…oh I think I need a cigarette.  But the bling is where it’s at.  I may not win an Olympic gold, but give me a finisher medal the size of a hub cap and I’m signing up.  My Name is Brian and I love the bling!  Please don’t judge me…embrace the bling. Check out this site: 26 Point 2 Medals


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