Five Favorite Things About Running

Five Favorite Things About Running

Now there are to many things I like about running to count.  The simple act of getting outside, putting one foot in front of the other and going a little farther and faster then I ever dreamed is full of favorites.  Below is a list of five of my favorites.

In no order of importance…

th(thank you for all the memories)

1.  Friends –  I could never list all the great people I’ve met while running.  Whether I ran one race with them or trained for a marathon or ultra.  I felt a special connection with everyone I’ve had the pleasure of logging a few miles with.  I wanted to post a picture but I don’t want to leave anyone out…so if we ran together image your face in this post.

2.  Balance – The world tends to over load you with routine, responsibilities, concerns and burdens.  In the hustle its easy to forget about yourself.  Running has reminded me that I must tend to myself, my body, my mind and spirit.

fatface(me and my fat face look)

3.  No Fat Face –  Since turning 30 just a few years back (20 to be exact) I noticed its harder to keep my weight in check.  At a whopping 5′ 7″ when I gain weight its noticeable.  There was one distinct day that I noticed where this weight had accumulated.  On me the first place it collects is on my face.  During these heavy periods, I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a fat face looking back at me.  Running helps me keep my weight in check and helps that guy in the mirror look just a little bit thinner a healthier.

Medoc Rock(no fat face and my MEDOC 50k+ rock)

4.  Bling –  Sadly I did not “letter” in high school.  In the sports I did play, I did not win any trophies or win any races.  During my motor head years I did collect a number of “best in show” trophies, but to win a athletic trophy has always been more important then gaining one for having the prettiest car.   Each marathon medal means a lot to me, and scoring a 3rd place award, a beer stein for the a monster hill climb, my MEDOC 50k+ rock or My Umstead 100 mile Belt Buckle…my running bling is my favorite.

Umstead100collection(100 Miles at Umstead)

5.  Feeling Like I Can Do Anything – Although loving the game of football, I got kicked off my J.V. team for not being able to run a full mile.  That’s right ONE mile.  Although fast at the 50 yard dash I did not have the endurance or the mental toughness to stick out running one mile. My second running career has proved to me I can do anything….1 mile……I’ve run nearly 14,000 miles and I ran 100 miles in 22 hours 51 minutes and 05 seconds.  Take that J.V. football and Jeff Lane!

What is a favorite thing about your running?

2 thoughts on “Five Favorite Things About Running

  1. SKORA Running

    You nailed it. I’ll add *Exploration*

    Being able to explore everywhere within a 8 mile radius of my new home, on foot, is quite fantastic. Finding new trails, paved and not, so close by is incredible. Finding cool landmarks, wildlife, or local shops that I would have never known about.

    Also, being able to explore myself. Running gives me time to ponder what I’ve done, what I plan on doing. I investigate my limits, how I want to push them, when I should. How I’m feeling.


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