My Fishing Adventures

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day…teach a man to fish and he will go broke buying a bass boat and fishing gear.” Unknown

Although growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, I would not have called myself a fishermen.  In truth I did not fish.  I married into a family, from Minnesota of no less, who fished and although they tried I resisted fishing for much of my life.  You see my impression of the sport was standing shoulder to shoulder in the ice cold waters of some random stream hoping beyond hope that some trout would bite my line.  Fishing did not leave much of an impression on me.

mytracker170(My 2016 Track Pro 170 w/40hp Mercury)


Finally on a cold, windy and wet day I gave in and went with my father and brother in-law. Although the conditions were not perfect I caught two walleyes and a northern pike.  I was hooked.  Unfortunately other distractions in my life, military service including deployments, living overseas, and getting back into muscle cars, got in the way for a period of time.  Over the years every time we visited Minnesota I looked forward to casting a line and setting the hook. My wife Michele and I started camping in 2013 and we began fishing on our own.  Since 2013 I’ve fished more then the prior 50 years of my life.

This part of my blog I’ll post pictures of my latest catch.  my latest catch will be posted closest to the top of the page.


2016 Fishing Season

Sept 10 -  It has been a long hot summer. My fishing production has been on and off.  I’ve had a few good days hitting the panfish, (white perch and crappies) but for the most part the bite on the bass has been slow.  To counter that trend, I decided to try some afternoon to dusk fishing with my good friend Tom L.  The night started off with Tom landing a nice bass off a rock sea wall.  With the wind pushing us from the south I had a hard getting the boat past this point, but that was okay we pulled 4 fish off this area.  Score 3 to 1 advantage Brian, but Tom had the biggest fish.


A few more fish as we rounded a cove then things went dead!  The score if we were keeping such a thing was 5 to 1, I mentioned to Tom, “wasn’t this for a beer or two?”

The sun was beginning to set in the west and the water turned flat as the wind and jet ski population departed for the evening.  We began to work off a point and into another cover.  Our patience was tested but slowly the hits came back.  We both lost a hook set or two as night fell and we were just about to move on when I tossed a Texas rig into a dark spot near a boat dock.  As the rig fell to the bottom I felt a slight tap.  Mmmmm my brain processed my next move.  A slight adjustment to take some slack out of the line.  Then my 10 pound braided neon yellow line moved a little off center.  Oh yea, I got one.

WHAM hook set and it was one like Donkey Kong.

As Newton reasoned, “With every action there is an opposite and equal reaction” this fish took Newton and myself to task.  As I imagined the hook pierced into her upper lip she was off and running.  My spinning reels drag screamed out as line was coming off my spool.  In the best recreation of a scene from the hit TV series “Wicked Tuna,” I was fast on the reel trying to make up ground as this fish desperately tried to run for safety.  I called out to Tom, “I need the net!”  Then I notice something just did not look right with the direction that my line was heading.

That fish ran under the boat.

SPLASH……that possessed bass jumped off the opposite side of the boat displacing a good size volume of water as she landed back into the dark lake behind our backs.  I bared down on the reel and cranked away.  After what felt like hours, with my knees knocking, my heart racing and my mind running wild I made up some ground getting Mrs Jumpy Fish back to the right side of the boat.  As Tom reached out for the fish the drag on my reel again screamed out again like an encore from your favorite rock band.  Back into the now dark waters of Lake Royale she ran.  I cried out to Tom once more “she’s under the boat again,” Tom backed off.  The fight was still ragging with what believed to be the biggest bass ever caught by man.

Finally, Tom, my net and this fish all meet up in the same space…and I had my biggest score of the night.


If you’re counting at home that is 7 fish total for me and the biggest fish of the night!

Tom, wheres the beer…

July 18 – A morning fishing with my wife and grandson.  We bounced from our hot spot (which today was not hot) to a few new locations I was wanting to to try.  Before too long we were landing fish.  I scored the first fish of the day but soon Aiden and Michele were holding their own.  Aiden caught himself a nice size white perch and my honey Michele landed a bass.  Her bass, might be a little one but it’s hers and she loves it.  We put about 30 fish in the live wheel, tossing back some of the small fries.   Arriving home it took “we” as long to clean them as it did to catch them.  Note to self, need to teach these guys how to clean fish.



July 1 – After hitting two of my favorite spots, with no luck, I tried a third location that I though might just be hot.  First cast landed right on the target spot…the bobber went down in seconds and then there was a fish in the boat.  Second cast again bobber disappears in seconds and another fish…I knew I was on to something.  For about an hour this spot produced a ton of fun catching some nice size white perch.  I caught a slew of these hard fighters on live minnows with a slip bobber rig and a drop shot rig.

white pearch

June 25 – The biggest bass I’ve caught to date on a lake, 4.27 pounds…forgot to measure the length.  Let this proud fish go…she put up a nice fight pulling line off my reel a number of times before I was able to landher.  Caught on a Senko wacky rigged.


Later in the day Aiden, my grandson went out with me…we caught some nice white perch.


June 18 - Early morning bass on topwater.  My first time trying this presentation method.  Very exciting.


May 7 – I was out fishing for bass one morning and had fallen into the routine of mindlessly tossing worms under boat docks.  Then I was brought back to reality when I felt a slight contact on my line and then something went totally nuts on the other end.  In all honesty it had been a while since i had caught a big bass. With the excitement on the other end of my spinning reel I thought that streak was going to end.  When I finally worked her to the side of the boat, I found out that I had hooked onto this 1.97 pound Shell Cracker, aka Redear Sunfish.  Was not a monster bass but she sure was a lot of fun.



More to come….