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Umstead 100 Thanks

I’m sure some folks are sick of my Umstead 100 posts, and I’m sorry if I’m wearing you out.  Completing that race was epic and something I never imagined doing.  It took years to get my mind around running 100 miles and it took days to get thou all of your posts after I finished. I would like to take this time to THANK everyone who supported me.  I can’t name you all by name with fear of forgetting someone.  I received 100’s of Tweets, Favorites, Re-tweets, Shares and Status updates on Twitter/Facebook and I owe each of you a hearty THANK YOU.  It meant the world to me…  The run was emotional and reading your comments was equally emotional.

For those of you who may have gotten in on this adventure towards the tail end, or you that want to revisit my journey I’ve posted all of my blog posts in chronicle order below.  You can re-live my Umstead 100 journey by clicking on the links below.

1st post right after I got the coveted entry spot.

The first of three dedicated training runs, 50 Miles at Noland Trail.

Our second Umstead training runs, 3 laps on the course.

Umstead lessons learned from others, Race Reports.

Graveyard 100k, training for Umstead and Race Report.

My Umstead Plan

15 Favorites Leading Up to Umstead

Umstead 100 Questions

Umstead 100 Finishing Rambles

Umstead 100 Race Report

Thank you again!

If You have a Umstead 100 2015 dream, get the info you need, right here.

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