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I love it when a product is as good as it looks…

Total disclosure, my wife liked mine Feetures socks so much she hijacked them and wears them for her 21 Day Fix routines.  She is as happy with them as I am. She told me they feel great on her feet, prove support and cushioning as she works her way thru her workout routines. The pairs I got to keep I love, they are plush, comfy and keep my feet cool at work, rest and play.  A pair of socks can’t change the world but they sure make my feet happy at rest and during (and after) a trail/road run.

feeturesI run most nights right after work, with only a minimal time to change, its great to be able to spend my work day in a pair of socks and use them for my run too.

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The Feetures line of socks offer three different cushioning level, Ultra Light, Light and Heavy. The Light level works perfect for my style of running and fit with my shoes.  From their website: Our Light Cushion socks are designed with high-density cushioning that provides extra protection in high impact zones. Light Cushion socks are great for those who prefer cushioned comfort without a lot of bulk.


The real testament to performance socks is that they do not isolate a runners foot from his shoes. I took my Feetures running socks on a long run (16 miles) the other day and at the mid point of my run my feet felt great. I also noticed how my feet felt one with my shoe, that although my socks were providing added cushioning they were not inhibiting the connection with my shoes. These performance socks held up great during this long run and I recommend them.


Check out Feetures performance socks today, at their website or like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.



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