Emmy Lu – Miniature Schnauzer – We Love You

My Dear Little Girl Emmy Lu,

I still remember with joy and happiness the day we met.  We had recently lost another dear family member named Hanna.  At that time my heart was still sad and broken.

We met Carly first and once settled Melissa took us to meet you as you were still with your puppies.  We came around the corner and there you were, a shy little girl yet happy and eager to meet us.  Instantly we fell in love with the joyful and delicate way that was your spirit.

You stole our hearts.  These days without you have been hard.  Maybe the hardest of my life.  It happened so fast, we had no idea we could loss you and we were not prepared.

You added so much to our lives.  Mommy and I loved the way you played with us, easy, light and full of Emmy Lu spirit.  We enjoyed so much watching you and Carly interact noticing how close the two of you were.  We loved how when you wanted attention you would place your nose in our hands.  Emmy you were such a dainty little girl yet full of fun, vigor and love.

I’m so sorry we could not do more.  We believed we had you on the road to recovery.  It happened so fast, we didn’t believe you were in any danger and we are still in such shock and disbelief.  Each day is easier and harder just the same.  I am angry, full of guilt and I wonder why?

We will miss everything about you…your black and white party coat.  Everyone commented on how beautiful you were.

How you loved to run around the house, tearing down the hallway and bouncing into the couch. The way you ran laps in the front yard.  You were one fast girl, easily out running your sister.

How you slept between Mom and I laying your head in the crock of my arm.

We will miss the way you danced for your treats.

We will miss your wonderful face.

WE WILL miss you.  Emmy Lu…..

Thank you, for everything you added to our lives, Mom and I so wish we could have had you with us longer.  Six years old was way too young.  We trust God has a plan…but not sure I agree with him on this part, but trust you are healthy, happy, and safe with him.  I believe you are running laps among the clouds and dancing for Jesus and treats.

We love you and always will.


Daddy…Mommy and Carly

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