Discount Runner, Cheap Runner, Low Budget Runner

NOTE: This post is NOT an attempt to get runners to avoid their local speciality running stores. I believe the local running stores are an integral part of the running community.  I’m only pointing out that if you keep your eyes open you too can score some good deals on your running shoes.

Recently my wife dragged me into one of the big box discount sport stores, being bored that I couldn’t find any shoes that interested me I headed to the clearance rack. Upon scanning the sizes I noticed lost in the Air Jordans was a pair of 10.5s that were calling my name.  I picked up a pair of shoes that I normally would not give the time of day. Once I noted the brand name and model, I headed to my smart phone and the ever ending source of information known as Google.

What I had stumbled upon was last years model of a popular trail shoe, namely the New Balance MT710v2. After reading a handful of positives reviews I decided to try them on. Almost instantly I noted they fit well and felt good on my feet.  Then I noted the $34.95 price tag.  At nearly a 60% discount I could not go wrong, if they were not a good running shoes for me they would make a great pair multiple purpose shoes.  I was sold.

NB shoes

I’m happy to say the MT710s are a nice pair of running shoes.  They provide a very stable platform for my foot fall, gait and stride. They are light and comfortable while offering a smooth ride over a mix of terrain.

Support your local markets but also keep your eyes open for good deals.

What good running deals have you stumbled on?


2 thoughts on “Discount Runner, Cheap Runner, Low Budget Runner

  1. Paul Starling

    I have gotten some good buys on My latest was my purchase of my 1st pair of Mizunos. I purchased the Wave Inspire 10 (last years model) for 50% off for 57.48 with free shipping. I decided to try this pair after having worn Saucony Ride for several years as my road shoe. I love the way they feel, but they wear out way too fast (not getting the mileage out of them I would like).


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