Cleveland Marathon – why you should run it

Why You Should Run Cleveland.

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After finishing some races, I’m okay with checking the box and moving on.  I’ve run the Cleveland Marathon four times.  So why return to this marathon?

Cleveland is a favorite city of mine.  I’m a die-hard Browns fan, and I enjoy what the city has to offer.

Something about this race keeps calling me back.  At mile 22 of the 2018 edition it hit me.

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Run the Cleveland Marathon

1. It’s a big city race but not so big that you get lost in the crowd

2. There is plenty to do before and after the race
– Rock-N-Roll Hall of fame
– Science museum
– West Side Market
– Shopping
– Local taverns and restaurants
– Tower City
– Lake front views and the water front
– Indians games
I could go on and on…

3.  The race provides a very cool medal

4.  The starting line provides the perfect photo op with the Quicken Arena (home of the Cavs), and Progressive Field (home of the Indians) and the Lebron James billboard as backdrop

5.  The Expo is awesome

6.  Volunteers are helpful and very positive

7.  The race is well organized

8.  Parking is NOT an issue…city parking within a block of the finish-line was available and the city did not jack up its prices on race day

9.  Breath taking views in the closing miles, i.e. the city sky line set behind the Lake Erie shore line

10.  The course offers a little bit of everything.  Over the 26.2-mile course your going to see all parts of the city.   As the miles clicked off, and time passed my mind like my body was engaged the entire time.  From towering buildings, massive stadiums, turn of the century lake side homes, congested city living, neighborhood provided beer stations, puppies on parade, bands playing, cheerleaders cheering, neighbors and friends giving high fives this race is anything but boring.

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I ran the Challenge series as a race ambassador, running the 8k on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday, my wife fast walked the 5k on Saturday and the 10K on Sunday.  It was a busy weekend for us but we enjoyed it 1000%

If you haven’t run Cleveland you should.  The Cleveland Marathon is one of kind, it’s not Boston, It’s not NYC and it’s not Chicago.  It’s CLEVELAND and it rocks!

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  1. Rus

    Congrats for the achievement. I’ve also switched to a healthier lifestyle which comes with a strict diet and with intensive training. I’m training for a race with SportMe half marathon app and I feel like I’m on the right track.


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