Cancer Hater – Thank You!!!

The #CancerHater Challenge reached their goal of $10,000.00 and I reached $1625.00 because of your generosity, I had the easy part, simply running.

Cancerhater leaderboard(I made the leaderboard, 8.25 miles in one hour)

Cancer Haters…  Presently I’m at 81% of my goal of $2,000.00


With a week to go “WE” working together can make it…and here is some EXTRA motivation.

If I reach:
$2,000.00 I’ll run the #CancerHater run in a Steelers jersey.  (and if you know me, that is a BIG statement on how much I am invested in this cause)

$1500.00  I’ll shave my head….aka “The Bald Burk Runner”

I know money is tight, but this cause can effect all of us…I had a scare this summer, lucky for me I did not have this terrible disease, but if I did I would have given any amount to find a cure.

Can you help….pls any amount.

TO GIVE, click here.

#CancerHater #CancerSucks #StillEasierThanChemo



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