Camp, Ride, Run, and Ultra-Marathon Training

To Run Is To Live…

After the Windermere Marathon, I decided to give my legs a break.  After all it was a very busy spring.  April I ran a 24 hour run where I logged 75 miles in 17 hours, The Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run where I ran my first 100 miler in 22hrs 51mins 05secs.  March I ran The Graveyard 100k running point to point down the Outer Banks.  Prior to all this the long training runs (38 and 50 miles) leading up to these three epic ultras.  For June, I’m taking it easy…

A week into my down time Michele said “lets go camping.”  I’m in…


(Bad camp picture, but here we are….relaxing)

A couple phone calls later and were going camping with friends.  Michele chose the Chickahominy Riverfront campground.  This is a great full service campground right on the river, near Jamestown settlement and within easy driving distance to Yorktown battlefields and Colonial Williamsburg.

After a week of monster thunderstorms, the weekend proved to be awesome.


 (Burn baby burn….can’t deny or confirm that a
few marshmallow where hurt at this campfire)

At home or camping Michele and I are earlier risers.  Before 9:30 we had our Walks and Ride in and were ready for the day.  Yes I rode instead of my typical “run” for my workout.  Sticking to my recovery plan I jumped on Michele’s road/trail bike and pedaled my way to 17.7 miles on Saturday and 20.12 miles Sunday.  


 (Took the same route both days,
but added a short extra loop to make it 20 miles)

How did the ride go?  I had not ridden a bike in 10 years so I was not really sure what I was getting myself into.  Figuring if it worked for my runs, I followed my pre-run routine including Race Primer, Body-glide, Gatoraid and headed out.  That hardest part of the ride (other then my sore butt) was trying to figure out pace and tempo.  I wanted to get in a good workout but I also did not want to burnout.  The route I choose was part of the Virginia Capital Trail system that lead me to Jamestown settle.  

10441364_826119310732560_3459042625066419594_n(Race Primer by @runnerehighntr gives me a little extra kick)

After our workouts were done and without an agenda we simply hung out with Coastal RV friends Ken and Sherrie.  Ken skunked me in bean bag toss, oh my pride.  We had a great #goRVing and #camplife day.  What was/is a great day you ask?  For us a Great Day = RVing, bike (run), walk, nap, cook, dinner, fire, drinks, friends, marshmallows, S’mores, stories, and just RELAXING.  There was also a Mini Schnauzer sighting….this warmed both our hearts.  We miss you Hanna.

Thank you for the Fathers Day wishes….love you Jessica and Anthony.

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