Boston Marathon – Meb, Shalane – USA Can’t Be Prouder

Wow what a Boston Marathon

I had to work as many of us average america runners had to do on Monday, but my heart, mind and DVR were set on Boston.  I thought about the happenings at the marathon often throughout the day and could not wait until I got home to watch the race.  After checking in at work…I went 100% off the net.  I did not check my phone, emails or open my browser once after 9 o’clock.  After I got home I went for a 7 mile run and then it was time to watch the marathon.

Wow the USA runners DID NOT disappoint.


Shalane – So proud you gave it everything you had.  You might be feeling down but we were with you…you had us and I’m proud.  Get it next year!


Meb – WOW….your the man!  You made the move of the race and made it stick!

And what else did I take away from Boston 2014….that our country untied.  We took back our marathon and nothing can stop us.  Boston is strong, and so is NYC, Cleveland, Houston, LA, Seattle and every little town in the USA.  God Bless Boston and the United States!

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