Boston Marathon – And The Squirrel Runner

I never give “running” the Boston Marathon much thought, except on Patriots day every April.  Then I wonder if I could post a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time.  I’m not against charity runners getting into the Boston Marathon, but If I ever “run” Boston it will have to be by posting a qualifying time.  Because simply, that is what “running” Boston means to me.

To be honest, I don’t think I have what it takes to BQ.

I believe I have the legs to BQ.

I believe I have the lungs to BQ and I Believe I have the mental toughness to run a qualifying time.

But I’m to much of a squirrel runner to stay focus long enough to train for my BQ race.  Plain and simple I get distracted too easy.


Did I mention I wanted to be Bruce Lee when I was growing up, I just loved him in “Enter The Dragon.” My favorite scene was when he was fighting in a room filled with mirrors. I wonder if Bruce Lee could post BQ time.

My goals in running are to run for as long as I can. To experience as many running environments as I can well adding to my life’s journey.  I enjoy running local 5k races and national 100 miles events.  I want to run it all.  I just don’t have the make up to sacrifices a number of running experiences and all they add to my life for one qualifying time.  Now I’m not saying a BQ time is not a worthy goal…it is and I respect those that have the focus to train for and achieve such a goal.  Myself I can’t stay focused on one race.



One day after school a friend and I got into a bottle rocket war.  Man those things were zipping by my head, dang that was stupid, I could have lost an eye. Then I could have been a pirate. I lived on a lake so being a pirate…..what?

Priate, what were we talking about?

My hat goes off to all those who have reached their goal, whether it was your first Boston Marathon or your tenth.  You have reached a goal few have.  For those who seek other running goals away from Boston, my hat goes off to you as well.  One of the best attributes of our hobby/life style is that their is room for everyone.


Speaking of hats…this cat broke into my house once. He was crazy and was wearing a red and white striped top hat…….

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