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600,000 viewers and Sometimes I wonder if anyone truly reads my Blog.

I wonder if anyone gets anything out of my posts?

I wonder if those who do read my posts think I’m some big boastful nut….

Then someone tells me this…

“I started running in Jan, and have lost 25 pounds…your blog inspires me , I follow and find motivation in your Facebook updates.”

Nearing 15,000 miles, and Sometimes I wonder if I’m improving as a runner…

Then I look at the SeaShore Nature Trail 50k as an example.  I first ran this race in 2011, this past weekend I ran it for the fourth time.


2011:  6:49:46
2012:  5:54:02
2013:  5:23:00
2014:  5:07:20

I guess it’s true when they say, your inspiring someone whether you know it or not.

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