A Weekend Without A Long Run, Marathon, Ultra Marathon, Training or Running

A weekend without running, what do I do?

UPDATE: It’s two weekends since the 24 hour run and my achilles is feeling better but still on the recovery wagon, so what to do with a second weekend with no running….


Add some additional storage in the garage…

Weekend #1 without running: Work on some projects: I added a “two in one gate” to make our deck safe and secure for our puppies.


Spend time with new friends: If you don’t have a house on the lake, make friends with new neighbors who have a house on the lake. We met a bunch of nice folks. Congrats Kris and Wally on your retirement and 34th anniversary celebration.  We hope to hangout with you more in the future!


Play kissy face with your wife: Never gets old, and watch Star Wars!

kissyfaceAnd go fishing…Michele and I caught some nice Bluegills, a few black crappie, some white perch and one cat fish.


And in the spirit of the vacation commercials, “Just one more day” I took just one more day and went fishing again.



 6 nice Bass, and a lot of fun

 Just one more day

I enjoyed my weekend off my feet but I’m also looking forward to getting back after it.  I’m a runner, it’s what I do….I run. My achilles feels better but not yet ready to get back on the road. I hope it won’t be too long back to recovery mode.  Enjoy your running time and your off time!



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