8 Reasons To Love A Runner

8 Reason To Love A Runner

To counter a recent article on runhaven.com on why someone should not date a runner, here are eight points on why you should feel comfortable loving a runner.

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1.       You always know where we are, we are either running, in the shower, eating or a sleep.

2.       We get up really early leaving you the entire bed on most weekend mornings.

3.       We don’t complain about your shoe collection as long as you don’t mention ours.

4.       Runners are always willing to vacation to new and exciting places (as long as we can run a race there).

5.       Runners are always eating so by default you can too.

6.       We don’t complain about much , unless you count worrying over our training plans, mileage goals, BQ time or the standards for Western States.

7.       Runners normally go to sleep around 9 p.m. so you can have full control over the TV remote for most of the night.

8.       Runners love to cuddle after a long run.

Feel safe America and the world, LOVE A RUNNER!

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