26.2 Tips to Run Your Best Marathon

Have you ever stood on the starting line and wondered…

Do the faster runners know something that I do not?

How can I run a faster race today?

I have often asked myself the same questions…and after 17 years of running and racing I’ve finally figured it out.  There’s is no silver bullet. There is no single thing, and there’s is no secret potion.  It’s a combination of solid training and race day tactics that will help you run your best marathon or any race distance for that matter.

26.2 Tips to run your best MARATHON (or any race distance for that matter) is now available on Amazon and coming soon on Kindle.  You can also order a personalized copy direct from my blog (US sales only) simply use the buy it now feature to pay via credit card or paypal.  (you do not have to have a paypal account)

26.2 Tips to run your best MARATHON is a collection of lessons learned from my racing career where I’ve run fast and not so fast.  This book is perfect for the first time marathon runner or the veteran who is looking to improve their finishing times.  26.2 Tips bridges the gap between training and racing.Not a training guide or a technical manual with training plans and diets. This book offers some valuable lessons and race day strategies to help you improve your finishing times, set new personal records, or earn your Boston qualifying time. This book also shares with you some of my race day experiences including what has worked for me in shaving down my marathon time and cutting over an hour off my 100-mile PR. This book is ideal for anyone wanting to run faster and post the best finishing time they can. 26.2 Tips to run your best MARATHON (or any race for that matter) will capitalize on the small and often forgotten details that cost you large amounts of time on race day.

No matter the race distance this book will help you cut time off your PRs.

Signed copies can be ordered here.

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A tale about life, love, loss and the ultra-marathon lifestyle set on the stage of an iconic 100-mile race.  The Leadville trail race, the gritty nature of the town and some events from my life inspired me to write this story.  A Top 5 running novel as featured by Trail Runner Magazine.

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