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RUNNING is not canceled

The Runner, The Virus and the Races…

Not discounting the toll on humanity and the very real cost of lost in lives, income, and stability.  But I wanted to take a look at how this challenge has affected the running world. I asked this question on Facebook, the answers helped motivate and inspire me.

Community: Not going against federal/state laws, but you “can” stay in touch with the community. I’ve been reading more running posts, watching more running videos, and cheering on the virtual races on SM to keep the connection going.

Goals: Times change, the world changes, and our race goals change. We might out in the long run that this time off from racing helped us redefine our long term running goals. I’m reconsidering my race calendar for the future.

Motivation: Without a finish line and some bling many are finding other motivation sources.

The New Normal: Running has so many outlets…this challenge may have opened doors long closed or never opened…providing new trails, challenges, and future success.

We each must face this challenge in a way that best suits our needs, our lifestyle, and our concerns.  But no matter how you face the next day or the next mile, running is not, and will not be canceled if you head out the door.