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Random Question And Some Answers

Leading up to the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon, I served as a J & A Race Ambassador and provided content on the J & A Facebook page.

2013 crawlin crab expo

Building up to the half marathon weekend, I posed a few questions to my fellow race ambassadors…I selected a few of the replies to share with you.

Q.  Do you run in the mornings, mid-day, afternoon or evenings? And why?
A.  Nan Rozelle Besch Lujan replied: I typically run in the morning or in the evening, there’s not a whole lot of midday running going on. Yesterday I celebrated a 1000 a streak of running every day, so usually the question is not am I going to run but when.

Q.  When did you start running and why?
A.  Lisa Rich shared:  2010 – my work/life balance was finally actually balanced and it was time to get healthy and fit. My health had taken some hits through our struggles to have our daughters, and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to make sure I would be here for them. And I wanted them to have a mom who was a role model.


Q.  What is your favorite J&A race? And bonus question…ever cross paths with a skunk on your morning run…what did you do?
A.  David Hylton told us, First on the skunk … Yes. Long story short, my dog and I nearly got sprayed around 5:30 am one summer. Thought it was a cat. Shoot me a message if you want more details! As for my favorite J&A race, it’s definitely Shamrock Marathon Weekend. I’ve done the half 7 times. Flat, fast, friends and free beer!

Q.  Who is your running hero?
A.  Amanda Kowaleski commented, I have elite runners who I closely follow, but I am actually inspired by talking to/reading about everyday runners. Every single runner has a story of why they started, what they’ve accomplished, and what running has done for their lives.

Q.  What is your favorite day of the week to run?
A.  Bridgett Grogan answered, Everyday!! There’s always a reason to move forward without looking back:)

Q.  Do you run in the rain?
A.  Jason Carmichael told us, As one of my marathon training team coaches says, “what happens when it rains? We get wet.”

Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and 5k is an awesome running event, if you live in or visit the 757 area…give this race ago.  Check out other great J&A events here.


My Running Flaws and How I Fixed Them

Fixing My Running Flaws

I stumbled across this video while searching You Tube for Ultra videos the other day.  And it perfectly put into words video what I have been working to correct in my running form over the summer.


The girls list the five biggest mistakes runners make:

1.  Running Upright

2.  Overstriding 

3.  Heelstriking

4.  Arm Swing (front to back)

5.  Tightening your core

Out of these five I was in pretty good shape other then #2 and 3

I over-stride and heel strike something terrible.  I’ve known this for a long time but really never set out to do anything about it.  A typical trait of all my running shoes was that I wear out the heels (right more then left) faster then anywhere else.  

(Note that wear pattern)

It wasn’t until I watched the DVD on the Western States 100, Unbreakable and witnessed  Anton Krupicka’srunning form, that I decided to do something about this. It was during this remarkable video that I noticed how up right and free he ran.  I now had a video comparison of a nimble and light running style compared with how hard, heavy impacting, and heel first I ran.  I knew I had some areas to improve on.

Over the summer when I went out on training runs I noticed when I ran more under myself (feet landing under my hips) and on the front of my foot compared to the back, my leg turn over improved, I had more zip in my runs and my legs just felt better.

AND another benefit….I GOT FASTER!

Now I will tell you I was not sure what I really fixed, until I watched this video and these gals at The Balanced Runner put on video what small changes I made over the summer.  Without knowing it…I fixed 2 of the Biggest 5 Mistakes.