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Super Bowl

My Super Bowl Prediction:

No other game, set or match is over analyzed more than the Super Bowl.  We compare and contrast the offense vs. the defense.  The passing game vs. the running game.  The cover two vs. four wide.  And finally the experts predict who they think will win the game.  By the time the game is played anyone paying attention will undoubtedly know more about the starting quarterbacks then they may know about their kids school teacher.

And so here goes…I’m going to give you my fresh approach to picking a Super Bowl winner.  And how will I do this, how will I approach this prediction from a perspective never offered before.  How will my selection be different?

Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson, based on my thoughts of them as a marathon runner.

First off I found no research that led me to believe either QB has run a marathon.

Reviewing Peyton’s career, he is without a doubt the finest modern QB to play the position.  His preparation is equally unmatched.  Although not having the most powerful arm, his delivery and timing are near perfect.  Standing tall in the pockets he is not considered a fast footed quarterback but has enough foot speed and agility to avoid all but the most speedy of defensive linemen.  His approach to a game is to methodically wear his opponents down and keep they off guard.

Wilson being a new comer to the professional level has made it to the Championship game in just his second season.  He has done this with pure athletic ability while overcoming being a smaller in statue QB.  His fast and light feet are matched only by his ability to quickly get out of the pocket.  Wilson makes as much magic with his legs as with his arm.  His vision down the field while on the move may be his biggest asset.  In just his rookie year he became a proven leader and a winner.

A marathon is won by a steady and consistent attack, whether you have the talents to win the race or simply to win your personal challenge.  A quick pace will get you to the podium first, if you have the overall conditioning to sustain the attack.  How does that translate to a Super Bowl Win?  Wilson did great things over the 2013 season, but his play fell off the final months of the season.  Whereas Peyton played at a high level all season long, his individual performance never seemed to waiver.  And in fact many would believe it got better.  Likewise in the marathon, it’s better to have a strong finish then a fast start.

I believe #18 Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos (a team I’m not real fond of) will win the Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns 750

FYI, the Super Bowl has only been around since 1967.  Prior to that the NFL held the NFL Championship game.  MY Cleveland Browns won 4 NFL Championships, 1964, 1955, 1954, 1950.  The NFL has not always been the “only” professional football league.  From 1946-1949 the All-American Football Conference (AAFC) competed with the NFL.  My Cleveland Browns won all four AAFC championship games and went undefeated in 1948, 12-0.  And when the Browns entered the NFL in 1950, how did they fair you ask?  Their first game was against the NFL Champion Philadelphia Eagles.  The Browns won that game and the 1950 NFL championship.

Throwback Thursday

Thought I Would Bring Back A Post From December 2011:

When people find out I run and run a lot they ask some interesting questions:
Why do I run?
I have no idea, I say so I can eat, and that is true but I do enjoy the simple side of just putting one foot in front of the other.
How many miles do you normally run in a month?
Well that depends, if I’m training for an event or not.  If I’m gearing up for a marathon I try to keep my mileage over 125 miles a month.  The most miles I’ve run in a month is 176.  (UPDATE: 2014, My goal is to stay around 200 miles a month and my best month was 250.)
How do I start running?
I’m not a coach and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night.  But I will say this….start slow, listen to your body and follow one of the many “approved” training plans out there.
How do you avoid injury?
Listen to your body…rest is just as important as the miles your logging, when you need a day off take it.  I follow a 10% rule, do not jump your mileage or run distances more then 10%.  Get the right shoes for your feet/stride and do not push yourself to far today and pay for it tomorrow.  It takes much longer to recover then it did to get injured.
Do you listen to music when you run?
NO……I like to hear the world around me, I want to hear the car before it kills me.
Can I run a marathon?
Yes, if you have the desire, and have the time to put into training…you can run a marathon.  I would say that all training plans recommend you have a solid fitness base before you attempt a marathon.
Where is the most interesting place you have run?
I spent a year at Thule Air Base, Greenland…600 miles above the Artic circle and 600 miles below the North Pole.  This is where I decided to “get in shape” and I spent a lot of my free time running indoors.  This worked for the winter/dark season but when spring hit and I was able to get outside…I went on a few adventure runs.  During one run I ran from Thule main base up to the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Site (BMEWS) and along the Ice-Pack.  Once in a life time run…later they told me there where Polar Bears on base.  Gee thanks!

To Run

What does it take to run?


To run, YOU must overcome the self-doubt, the little voice in your head telling you, “you can’t do this.”   To run, YOU must have the desire to climb out of your own often self-imposed rut. To run, YOU must have the fuel inside your belly to push yourself to move forward when the world, your family and even your inner soul may be telling to stop, to not start, to just stay the same.  To run, YOU must be brave enough to step outside, in the bare elements, in front of the world alone, to take that first step.  To run, YOU have to have the drive to continue when your body rebels, when your lungs scream out and when your mind wants the easy way.  To run, YOU must continue to move when time wants to stand still, when the road becomes lonely and when other distractions beg you to give in.

If you have what it takes to run:  YOU will find a new, stronger, determined, focused, healthier, and more faithful YOU.  A YOU that has no limits, a YOU that has confidence, a YOU that can do the impossible, and a YOU, that you may have never known before.

What does it take to run?  It’s simple.  YOU.

Week In Review (Jan 20 – 26)

Last Week In Review: ( Jan 20 – 26)

Monday: 10.2
Tuesday: 7.2
Wednesday: 7
Thursday: 7
Friday: 7.2
Saturday: 16 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: 0 REST DAY

Total:  54.40 mile


Another cold snap hit the 757, Monday I ran in shorts by Tuesday night I was donning my arctic gear.  So ready for summer…

Cooler weather moved in around noon on Tuesday, the predicated snow and ice held off until late night.  This delay allowed me to get my miles in without the winter mix.  Being below the Mason-Dixon Line, this area does not function well with the white stuff. Wednesday morning we had 3 – 4 inches on the ground and all Gov’t offices, schools and other soft business were closed.  We fired up the Dually and headed off to work….I’m from Erie, Pa and spent a year in Thule Greenland.  I laugh at Virginia snow!

Wednesday night I ran around Fort Lee, Michele worked out inside, the roads had some snow and ice to dodge.  Where the roads where to slick, I ran on the snow covered sidewalks which offered better traction.  Best news I did not fall down.

Thursday/Fridat night I ran around our HOA dodging a few ice spots on the roads, had to slow down in the cul-d-sacs, but manged 7 miles under an hour both nights.

Saturday morning (18f felt like 6f), I ran with a local running group in Suffolk.  Good group of people and a nice route over some lonely country roads.  Alot of fun, BUT boy was it cold and I think we ran into the wind on every road.  Still 16 miles in 2hr 33m for a not to bad of a pace 9:35.


I dedicate these miles to Meg, #megsmiles  Crazy thing, after finishing and gearing down, I removed my outer layer and found ice inside my jacket.  My sweat froze…..ugh!

Ultra Tips and Tricks

One thing about the Ultra Community is they are always willing to share some insight or lessons learned.  Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.

  1.  Body Glide works as well on the bottom of your feet to fight off blisters as it does to help prevent chaffing.
  2.  KT Tape functions as a bandage, in a pinch, to help cover your nipples.
  3.  You can’t beat good socks.  My wife was having blister issues between her toes, Toe Socks ended that issue.toesocks
  4.   If you’re running the trails, you need Gaiters.
  5.  Caffeine is your friends on the long legs, work some into your pit stop routine.
  6.  Have a plan and run your plan…don’t worry if you get passed and don’t be too happy if you pass someone, it’s a long day.
  7.  Beware of the chairs, and keep moving forward, unless medical tells you to stop…DON’T STOP.
  8. Avoid all negative self-talk.
  9. Bribe yourself to get in those last LONG miles, the power of a cup cake, Oreos or deep dish pizza can be all it takes to get you across the finish line.
  10. Shoes half a size bigger after 50 miles just might help you deal with swollen feet.
  11. If you have a hard time handling GUs, PowrGels etc, try dissolving them in your water, then with every hit from your water bottle you get some nutrition along the way FYI Lemon Gatoraid and strawberry GU tastes great. 

What have you learned that helps you finish a tough marathon or Ultra race?


We all have them.  Maybe it’s our favorite pair of running shorts, the lucky socks or our favorite color running shirt.  Rituals/Routines: “Something done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol.”  And in sports there are plenty of them to go around.  In fact most athletes, professional or otherwise have them as well.


Michael Jordan was known for a specific quirk. While leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships, wore his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform in every game.


Serena Williams believes much of her winning ways are the result of closely followed routines; including bringing her shower sandals to the court, tying her shoelaces a specific way and bouncing the ball five times before her first serve.

But what Rituals/Routines do you have when it comes to your running or racing career?  I polled a few of my running pals on Twitter and here’s what I got:

@fueledbylolz  “I always wear my lucky anchor rope bracelet, I’ve worn it to every race I’ve PRed in, I might go crazy without it.”

@britishbulldog “My pre-race meal is usually a good burger and a pint of Guinness.”

@theboringrunner “I almost always wear a red shirt when I race for PRs. Red is passion, speed, and victory.”

@socialshark “My main one is to never wear the race tee on race day.” (This one was very popular)

@carilynjohnson “I try to do the opposite of anything I think is becoming a superstition. I don’t want anything “extra” to worry about.”

@AeRoss “I put my left shoe on first, coffee 2hrs before, prayer 1min before, & donuts 20 miles in.”

@cjohnson397 “I like to arrive super early.”

@turnerj456 “I pin my race number on the night before and my race shoes are only used for racing.”

I share a lot of these, I don’t wear the race shirt before running the race, I show up to the race site way too early and my favorite color to race in is orange.  Although I don’t believe in superstitions, I do believe you should be in your comfort zone before a long run or a goal race.  And if something like this make you feel comfortable, I say grab that lucky rabbit’s foot and HOLD ON!

crawling crab2014start(The Power of Orange)

Do you share any of these common running and or racing rituals/routines, please post a comment and tell us about them.

Last Week In Review Jan 13 – 19

Last Week In Review: ( Jan 13 – 19)

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 7.2
Wednesday: 10.38
Thursday: 8
Friday: 7.2
Saturday: 20 #MEGSMILES
Sunday: o REST DAY

Total:  52.78 miles


Tuesday morning I read a local news story about a area runner being hit and killed by a drunk driver, this story really hit home with me.  Was it because of a vibrate life taken away?  Was it because three young children are now without their mom, and a husband without his wife?

No, it was because she was a runner, she was part of our family, a family of runners.  I never knew Meg, but I feel her loss.  #MEGSMILES  More information here:

Saturday I ran for Meg with my friends George, and Rebecca.  We ran 20 miles on Noland Trail, a ton of blue on the trail.

Be safe, Be Seen Enjoy your Run!  Run For Meg!

Meg Menzies

Update to my post on Meg Menzies:
The death of Meg has attracted a ton on media and social media attention, her spirit lives on not only with her family, but also in the 90,000 in the running community who ran miles in her honor. #megsmiles

I did not know Meg, but I followed the story, I cried for her family, I hurt for the loss and I read a ton of posts on the impact she had on peoples lives.  Each one moved me…  Then I read this post, I was floored.


Written by: Loren A. R.
I got up at sunrise today to take pictures of Meg’s memorial. I didn’t know Meg. I’m not sure why her story has affected me so deeply…maybe because I’m also a mom of young children, maybe because I’m also a runner. But I’ve been unable to get her story…her family…her babies…out of my mind.

So, I stood there this morning, with a lump in my throat, snapping pictures of one of the most powerful images I’ve ever photographed. As I did, a man stopped his car and got out and stood with me. He asked me if I knew her. I said no. We stood in silence together. After a minute, I asked him if he knew her…..he said, “Yes. She was my wife.”

I’m not sure what I said to him after that, I stood there crying, fumbling over my words, unable to find the right things to say. He was very kind. He told me what he was doing that morning and that he just stopped to thank me.

On the way home, I thought about all the things I’d wished I’d said to him. I wish I could have impressed upon him how utterly sorry I am for his loss, how I feel physically ill when I think about those children having to grow up without their mom, how angry I am about the unfairness of it all. I wish I could have spoken encouraging or uplifting words to him. But I didn’t. Maybe I didn’t need to.

Maybe all I really needed to say was thank you, Mr. Menzies. Thank you for stopping to speak to me. Thank you for letting all of us in. Thank you for sharing your wife with us, her life and her legacy. Meg has touched so many, inspired so many, and reminded every one of us of the preciousness of life. One of the things you said this morning was that you wish she was here to see all of this. When I look at this photograph, I get the feeling that, in a way, she was.

Posted Tuesday 14 Jan 2014

There were two deaths Monday morning near Richmond, Va and there should have been NONE.


A local runner died, she leaves behind a family with young children and a future full of dreams.

A local doctors career, lively hood and peace of mind also died Monday morning, when he killed a mother, wife, sister, daughter and member of the community.

Was their deaths a result of an accident, some terrible sequence of events that could not be stopped?  Was it the result of some medical procedure gone wrong or a terrible disease that has no cure?

NO.  Both deaths were preventable.  Both deaths were stoppable, both preventable and both treatable.

For the cost of a cab ride home, a family will be forever grieving the loss of Meg Menzies.  Meg was killed by a drunk driver.

For the cost of a call for help, a 47-year-old Doctor will forever live with the decisions he has made.  According to all reports, He was the drunk driver.  There will be talk of forgiveness and yes he should be forgiven for his sins, I BELIEVE that, but even after forgiveness the fact remains he took someone’s life.  And he will have to live with that.

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, is it really that hard to figure out?  News story here.

I personally did not know Meg, but my heart breaks for her family.  I will pray for them, and Mr. Carlson and his family, there needs to be healing all the way around.


BUT I will also run for her.  Runners from all over the globe will gather to run in honor of Menzies’ life on Saturday, Jan. 18.  A public Facebook page called Meg’s Miles has been created to raise awareness about the event.  I’ll be running at Noland Trail Saturday morning starting at 730 am, Please come out and join me.


For Meg.

Still Winning Against Diet Dew

A month ago, 13 Dec 2013, I decided to get off Diet Dew, I’ve been drinking on average 12 cans of Diet Dew a day for nearly 10 years.  And straight up Pepsi before that.  To make matters worse, I was raised drinking soda and have never been into drinking water.

All along I knew it could not be good for me, but in the last 6 months it really started to worry me about the damage I may be doing to my body.  I felt reasonable certain that I was affecting my health, so I quit nearly cold turkey.  See the original post here.


Although I’ve given it up, for the most part, I still have one Diet Dew in the morning to get my blood moving (I just don’t like coffee) and one on the drive home from work.  But other then that and an occasional soda while we dine out….I’m Diet Dew and soda free.

And it has not been that hard.  I’m drinking a lot more water, I’ve lost 3 to 4 pounds and feel very good.

Diet Dew, you do not have a hold on me no more!